Fender Eliminator Kit


- Fender Eliminator Kit to make the stock rear fender shorter and more stylish.
- Easy bolt-on design allows you to use the stock license plate lights.
- Eliminating the long hanging fender also improves serviceability when installing and removing the rear wheel.

- Please note that reflectors must be purchased separately.

Bike Year Part number
CRF250L(S) 21 D45-10-020
CRF250RALLY(S) 21 D45-10-020
CRF300L 21-22 D45-10-020
CRF300RALLY 21-22 D45-10-020
Not only reduced weight, but it also contributes to mass centralization. For CRF250L, the hole in the part connecting to the number stay can be used as a cargo hook hole