erectrical Universal D45-14-001
DRZ D45-18-506 D-TRACKER D45-18-514 XR250 D45-18-704

MOTO LED EDGE2 Tail Light Holder


- Edge tail light with aluminum tail light holder.
- 16 high-intensity red LEDs are used for the tail / stop light, and 3 white LEDs for illuminating the license plate.
- Waterproofed circuit.- Detachable lens.
- Comes with Flasher stays for our LED flashers.
- Plug type terminal included.
- Works on 12V AC/DC.
- Reflector available.
(Parts No D45-07-899)

Type Part # Lens Color Image
XR250 '03- , XR400Motard D45-18-704 Red image
D45-18-504 Smoke image
DRZ400SM D45-18-706 Red image
D45-18-506 Smoke image
KLX250 / D-tracker '08- D45-18-714 Red image
D45-18-514 Smoke image
KLX125/150,D-TRACKER125 D45-18-715 Red image
D45-18-515 Smoke image
Bike Year Smoke Red
XR50Motard 05-07 D45-18-504 D45-18-704
XR100Motard 05-08 D45-18-504 D45-18-704
XR230 05-13 D45-18-504 D45-18-704
XR230Motard 08-13 D45-18-504 D45-18-704
XR250 03-07 D45-18-504 D45-18-704
XR250Motard 03-07 D45-18-504 D45-18-704
XR400Motard 05-08 D45-18-504 D45-18-704
KLX125 10-16 D45-18-515 D45-18-715
KLX150S 09-13 D45-18-515 D45-18-715
KLX230 20-22 D45-18-516 D45-18-716
KLX230 S 22 D45-18-516 D45-18-716
KLX250 08-17 D45-18-514 D45-18-714
D-TRACKER125 10-15 D45-18-515 D45-18-715
D-TRACKER X 08-17 D45-18-514 D45-18-714
DRZ400S 00-21 D45-18-506 D45-18-706
DRZ400SM 04-21 D45-18-506 D45-18-706