Quick Mousse Changer
image Adjusting link rod changes the bead breaker engaged angle on the tire. Bead breaker arm is held by the trigger.By pulling the trigger, setting the wheels onto the mousse changer is quick easy. Tire lever holder for keeping the tire lever set when setting mousse tire. Change bead brake position with one action of the slide. (Tension ball on bead breaker arm.) Accepts 18, 19 and 21 inch wheels.

Quick Mousse Changer


- Foot-operated bead breaker system saves you crucial time and energy at the track.
- One-touch folding system of the bead breaker arm provides quick tire setting to the changer.
- Bead breaker pedal linkage provides accuracy when breaking the tire bead.
- Tension ball enables easy setting for 18, 19 and 21 inch tires.
- Easy to disassemble.
- Compact size takes up less space in your truck, van or garage.

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