HC2 Lift Stand (D36-38-312)
HC2 Lift Stand (D36-38-311) HC2 Lift Stand Image Fits under most dirt bikes.Adjustable range : 250mm-350mm<br>
                                (10 to 14 inches) Damper shock eliminates the sudden drop, and provides a smooth, safe landing. Easily operated newly designed durable double long-levered jack-pedal. Height-adjustable top plate can be secured by lock nut. The Top Plate has a thick, non-slip rubber surface.s The new easy “Safety Hold Hook” system prevents any accidents after lifting the bike. Designed for small to full size dirt bikes.

HC2 Lift Stand


- Height adjustable stand for dirt bikes.
- Top plate is height-adjustable to fit under most dirt bikes.
- Easily operated durable double long-levered jack-pedal.
- Easy "Safety Hold Hook" system prevents any accidents.
Set after you lift up your bike.
- Durable top plate, base frame and main shaft design.
- Available red and black colors.
- Maximum lifting weight is 150kg. (330 lbs)

PAT. 200520100979.6

Color Part #
Black D36-38-311
Red D36-38-312